Why Do We Sneeze More than Once in a Row?

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Why Do We Sneeze More than Once in a Row?

A sneeze, also known as sternutation, is a normal reaction and there is nothing to be ashamed about it – even when you’re in a public place. However, what if you don’t just once, but you do twice and sometimes thrice? You might think there is something wrong with you. The truth is you’re not the only one in this world with a fickle nose. People sneeze at very strange moments and often, it comes out in twos, threes, or more.

There's more to sneezing than just saying "Excuse me" or "God bless you" / PicHelp
There’s more to sneezing than just saying “Excuse me” or “God bless you” / PicHelp

Why Sneezes Always Seem to Have a Buddy

After your first sneeze, there is another one lurking to follow it. Science can explain this to phenomenon to you. According to experts, it has something with the power behind the blows that come from your nose. In most cases, you sneeze because a particle enters the outer part of your nose and it reaches your nasal mucosa. When this happens, histamines are automatically released, which in turn irritate the nerve cells found inside your nose. The result is you sneeze.

Sometimes, your sneeze is very powerful, so the particle that caused it to be irritated in the first place is expelled. However most of the time, the particle remains in the nostrils, so your nose will force another “achoo” to come out. If you try to analyze what has happened, you can say that the first sneeze didn’t perform well, so you had to sneeze once again. If you keep sneezing, this could mean the irritant is still in your nostrils and your sneezes are not doing a good job at expelling it.

Sneezing is Not Bad

Sneezing is normal and even if you sneeze twice, thrice, or more, you should think of it as a normal reaction. This is because your nose is doing its best to clear the irritant or the foreign particle in your nasal passages. If you have allergies and you often sneeze several times, this means the allergen lingers around. Meanwhile, if you sneeze because of cold, there is usually a longer interval in between every sneeze.

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Sneezing without Allergies

If you sneeze five times to 10 times or even more, this could mean your sneezes are too weak to expel the irritant. A forceful sneeze can immediately get rid of the allergen, which is why there are times when you just sneeze once. You can alleviate the problem by simply rubbing your nose or plugging it, which can help remove the irritant manually.