Which Egg Do You Think Came From a Healthy Chicken?

A large number of people have a hard time telling the difference between a healthy, all-natural egg and an unhealthy one. However, it is crucial to know which eggs come from factory chickens, and which from farm chickens

1. Egg With Dark Orange Yolk
A dark orange yolk usually signifies that the egg is extremely healthy, and most likely to be originating from a chicken farm, where chickens get all of their day light, instead of being stored in big dark rooms with no windows. The farm animals are also given the liberty to consume crickets, grasshoppers, insects, ticks and spiders, which is why their yolks are rich in nutrition.
2. Egg With Yellow Yolk
Eggs with yellow yolks are usually found at supermarkets, and they are eggs that originate from factory chickens, raised in huge factories with nightmarish conditions. There is no sunlight, not enough space, and the rooms are dirty. Apart from that, they are only fed grains, and the chickens that lay these eggs have been hatched from incubators, which isn’t at all a natural process.
3. Egg With Light Orange Yolk
Eggs with a light orange yolks are most likely to come from local groceries, originating from chickens which come from large chicken farms whose conditions aren’t as terrible as the ones in big factories, which are still not that suitable, but tolerable. One basic rule to follow is that the more chickens a farm produces, the lower their quality is.
So for the healthiest egg in the image is number 1!
Not only are eggs that come from local farms much fresher, but the conditions under which the chickens are raised, are far better.  These chickens are much healthier and the color of the yolks of their eggs signify this.  If you’ve never tasted them, it’s well worth going out of your way to do so.  Pass this important information on!
Here is a little video for you to enjoy. Forward to the last 25 seconds if you get bored(Remember Grandma always knows best!):



Something Horrifying Is About To Happen To The Internet – And You NEED To Pay Attention

Something Horrifying Is About To Happen To The Internet – And You NEED To Pay Attention


The Republican head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Ajit Pai, announced this week that the agency will seek to fully repeal Obama-era net neutrality rules. In a statement, he claimed that the Democrats imposed “heavy-handed, utility-style” regulations on the Internet, and they needed to be undone.

“The FCC would simply require Internet service providers to be transparent about their practices so that consumers can buy the service plan that’s best for them and entrepreneurs and other small businesses can have the technical information they need to innovate,” Pai said in a statement, as per The Hill.

The vote on the proposal will take place on December 14, but it’s widely expected to be in support of a full repeal as the FCC is Republican-dominated. The name of this initiative, by the way, is “Restoring Internet Freedom”.

Chairman @AjitPaiFCC proposes to end heavy-handed Internet regulations and restore light-touch approach under which Internet thrived prior to 2015.

Net neutrality, as a basic principle, guarantees that internet service providers (ISP) and government-run agencies ensure that all legal websites are treated equally, and access to them is open to everyone that has a connection to the Web.

Not all countries have it, and Portugal recently made headlines for being a worrying case study of what happens when such laws are circumvented. Although technically bound by the European Union’s net neutrality rules, legal loopholes allow businesses there to sometimes ignore them.

A Lisbon-based telecommunications company took advantage of the government’s lackadaisical attitude and experimented with selling mobile Internet access in tiered packages. The cheapest packages, for example, permit only instant messaging or social media use; only more expensive combinations permit the user to access everything, from emails to music to video streaming and so on.

In effect, with this system, you get a restricted Internet access unless you spend more – something that net neutrality laws would prevent.

Thanks to the Obama administration’s strong support for net neutrality, the US gained some of the best protections in the world back in 2015. It classified broadband as a common carrier under that year’s Open Internet Order, keeping ISPs from cutting off, slowing, or restricting access to the Internet as they see fit.

However, ever since the changing of the guard, the FCC has been seeking to undo these rules, despite nearly 22 million Americans (along with several high-profile Web-based services) writing in to protest such a move.

Taking away  is the Authoritarian dream. Consolidating information into the hands of a few controlled by a few. Dangerous territory. https://twitter.com/pattymurray/status/933053150205960192 

As we explain in a previous article, this will turn the Internet into a product more than a utility. This means that companies or individuals willing to pay more will get an Internet service that’s freer, more accessible, and faster in general.

Played out over time, this could create two classes of citizens: one that is rich in money and information, and one that is experiencing a deficit in both. This is exactly what was alluded to by an FCC employee that spoke to reporters over the phone under anonymity.

Last year, the UN Human Rights Council declared that public Internet access should not be disrupted by governments or state-run agencies. The FCC should probably take notice of that.

Teens Bullying A Little Kid Are Stopped By Strangers Who Step Up And Help

Teens Bullying A Little Kid Are Stopped By Strangers Who Step Up And Help

YouTube Prankster Dennis Cee is tackling a serious issue in his latest video – bullying. He sets up a hidden camera and asked a few big kids to bully a smaller kid (all actors, of course) and waited to see what would happen…

It’s heartwarming to see the the number of people rush to the little kid’s defense. It goes to show there are many kind people out there, willing to help. We need more people to stand up against bullies like the folks in this video did! How we stand up against bullying and how we teach kids who are being victimized to reach out for help, can prevent tragic consequences from happening.

Police Warn, If You See A ‘Child’ Sitting In The Road While Driving, Keep Your Doors Locked

Police Warn, If You See A ‘Child’ Sitting In The Road While Driving, Keep Your Doors Locked

Nowadays, criminals will use the dirtiest tricks in the game in order to manipulate and scare victims. A 33-year old woman from Beaufort, North Carolina, spotted a child sitting in the middle of the road at around 1:30 am. It was completely dark and she didn’t realize at first that it wasn’t a child at all, but rather a clothed dummy. She was on her way home from work when the incident occurred.

The woman stopped immediately and tried to take a closer look at what she thought was a little child, but luckily she decided to stay in her car. When she stopped, the woman saw two men coming closer to her vehicle. The two men, who were wearing completely dark hoodies, then attempted to get into the car by repeatedly pulling the door handles.

The driver knew that the “child” in the middle of the road was just a distraction. She needed to get away as fast as possible.


After the woman got to a safe distance, she immediately notified the authorities. Carteret County deputies then were able to find the clothed dummy on the street, but there was no sign of the perpetrators. The perpetrators used a fake plastic head and children’s clothing to make it resemble a small child. Major Jason A. Wank said that in situations like these, driving away is the “absolutely the right thing to do.”

The Sheriff’s Office then warned drivers in the area to always keep their doors locked while driving.

If this woman had stepped out of her car to check the fake person sitting in the middle of the road, she could’ve easily been the victim of a well-planned carjacking.

Luckily, the deputies were able to find the people responsible for the dummy child trap. Thanks to a couple of tips, they quickly learned that three children orchestrated the whole thing. They were just 10, 14 and 17 years old, and explained to the police that all of it was just a mean prank.

WNCT reports that the three juveniles had hoped that someone would run over the dummy with their car, thinking that they actually hit a real person. In short, they wanted people to “freak out” over the whole thing, although it is unsure why two of the three then proceeded to harass the woman by trying to enter her car.

It’s unknown if charges against the three have been filed. Nonetheless, it’s an important lesson for drivers as this could easily have turned into a carjacking. Stay safe, always lock your doors and stay in your car if you see people coming approaching your vehicle.

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Source: The Daily Check

Woody Harrelson Smoked A Joint Halfway Through A Dinner With Trump

Woody Harrelson Smoked A Joint Halfway Through A Dinner With Trump

Well, that’s one way to get through a dinner with someone. When Woody Harrelson was on Real Time With Bill Maher last month, he and Maher spoke of several things including Harrelson’s latest movie LBJ, where he plays American president Lyndon B. Johnson. Though, when the conversation about the film wrapped up, the two turned to a conversation about Donald Trump.

Harrelson disclosed that he actually got invited to dinner by Jesse Ventura back in 2002 and Trump happened to be in attendance at the same dinner. Naturally, everyone was dying to know how it went and Harrelson was completely honest about their meeting.


“I went and… it was brutal. It was brutal,” he said. “I’ve never met a more narcissistic man. Talked about himself the whole time.” “So, he’s changed a lot,” Maher joked, to which the audience and the duo shared a laugh.

“I had to walk out, like, halfway through and smoke a joint just to, like, steel myself for the rest of the dinner,” Harrelson added. Maher, with a grin on his face, nodded his understanding while the audience had another laugh. Harrelson added that “it was brutal”for a final time before the two moved on to talk about Harrelson being a “pioneer” for marijuana.

Maher then reminisced about Harrelson being one of the first guests on Real Time With Bill Maher and showed the audience a photo of Harrelson smoking marijuana from a bong with Maher beside him.

“There we are sitting in my backyard in 2003,” Maher said. “We’re doing a sketch. Remember? We did a sketch about smoking pot?” Harrelson laughed and said he remembered.

He then showed the audience more photos of Harrelson from this past year after he had given up the substance. “Here’s us this last year in Hawaii and you look okay but not ecstatic and here’s the year before when we were completely baked,” which showed a photo of the duo smiling and laughing, to which the audience began cheering.

Click to WATCH: Woody Harrelson Smoked A Joint Halfway Through A Dinner With Trump


Drowning Dog Desperately Hangs On In The Hope Of Being Saved – Now Watch When He Sees The Rescuers

Drowning Dog Desperately Hangs On In The Hope Of Being Saved – Now Watch When He Sees The Rescuers


We got a call to rescue a dog fighting for her life after falling in a deep well. She may have been swimming for hours before a villager saw her and called our helpline.

The pup was quickly losing her strength and could barely hold on to the sides of the well wall. She wouldn’t have lasted much longer when rescuers repelled down the well to save her life and bring her back to the Animal Aid Unlimited sanctuary.

Her paws were bloody from trying to hold on to the sides of the well. That’s when Animal Aid Unlimited arrived just in time to save her…WATCH and SHARE!


First Successful Head Transplant Carried Out In China

First Successful Head Transplant Carried Out In China

The world’s first human head transplant has been carried out on a corpse in China, according to an Italian Professor Sergio Canavero.

Dr Xiaoping Ren, who grafted a head onto the body of a monkey in 2016, carried out the operation, which took 18 hours.

Italian Professor Canavero, who is the director of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group, announced the success in a press conference in Vienna.

The professor said: “The first human transplant on human cadavers has been done.

“A full head swap between brain dead organ donors is the next stage and that is the final step for the formal head transplant for a medical condition which is imminent.”

head transplant

Credit: PA. Valery Spiridonov

It had previously been hoped that 30-year-old Valery Spiridonov would be the first human to undergo the operation but the Russian decided he did not want to experience the surgery.

Spiridonov had volunteered because he suffers from Werdnig-Hoffmann disease, which causes severe spinal muscular atrophy, and he was willing to try anything to prolong his life.

There had been an angry backlash to the potential surgery from religious groups, who said it was going against God.

Spiridonov was fully prepared for the body to reject his head but it was also possible that fusing his head with another body – including the spinal cord and jugular vein – might result in never-before experienced levels of insanity.

Doctor Canavero said before the operation that he was anticipating it to be a 36-hour procedure that would involve 150 doctors and nurses.

Arthur Caplan, director of medical ethics at New York University’s Langone Medical Centre, had previously said that the bodies of head transplant patients “would end up being overwhelmed with different pathways and chemistry than they are used to and they’d go crazy”.

head transplant

Credit: PA. Valery Spiridonov 

In 1970, a head transplant was successfully performed on a monkey. Well, it was sort of successful. The monkey lived, but only for eight days.

The body rejected the new head and the monkey was left unable to breathe or move because the spinal cord of the head and body weren’t properly connected.

Hopefully, technology has advanced enough in the past 45 years.

Featured Image Credit: PA. Valery Spiridonov did not experience the operation

Daughter’s Innocent Tattoo Became Fatal — Now The Father Warns Other Parents

Daughter’s Innocent Tattoo Became Fatal — Now The Father Warns Other Parents


The Gulliver family, from Britain, had traveled to Egypt for a vacation. Unfortunately, Mrs. Gulliver was hospitalized when she suffered a gallbladder infection. While she was in the hospital, her two children Sebastian, 9, and Madison, 7, stayed by her side. The mom was finally released, and she and her husband wanted to do something special to try and make up for lost time.

Image Credit: Good Morning Britain / YouTube
The hotel was offering guests henna tattoos -which are temporary and can be washed off. Normally, henna tattoos don’t leave permanent marks and are made up of natural ingredients – they thought it would be safe.

Image Credit: Good Morning Britain / YouTubeSebastian and Madison were very happy with their henna tattoos until Sebastian starting to scratch this arm and they washed it off. Madison seemed fine, so they left hers on. When the family returned home to England, Madison’s tattoo started to bother her – not only that, but the skin around the tattoo was red!

Image Credit: Good Morning Britain / YouTube
When they washed the tattoo off, they applied some soothing ointment. In the morning, Madison had big red blisters that were similar to burns! After doing research, the parents found out that the henna that had been used was black henna – which contains PPD (an ingredient found in hair dye).

Image Credit: Good Morning Britain / YouTube
In the UK, PPD is not allowed because it can cause an allergic reaction in the skin – like the one Madison had experienced! Madison was treated at Salisbury District Hospital, and it will be a few years before her skin returns to normal.

Stop Trump Killing Elephants

Sign the petition to President Trump, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and conservation authorities around the world:
“Elephants are facing extinction and this is no time to strip them of protection. Trophy hunting drives the slaughter of elephants, increases demand for their body parts, and projects a double standard that makes it harder to tackle ivory poaching. We call on you to do all you can to reverse the US decision to allow the import of elephant trophies, before it is too late.”

More information:

This is sickening — Trump’s just given the greenlight for bloodthirsty American hunters to murder elephants  in Africa and bring their heads home as trophies.

Trump’s own son shot and mutilated an elephant — and now he’s changed the law so anyone can join the slaughter and bring home elephant body parts as souvenirs, even as ivory poaching threatens to wipe them out.

Let’s a build a massive global outcry to shame the US into dropping this disgusting plan, and when its huge, Avaaz will work with key African countries to deliver it at a major wildlife protection meeting days away.

New Disease: More Deadly To Women Than AIDS, Not Even Condoms Can’t Protect You !!!

New Disease: More Deadly To Women Than AIDS, Not Even Condoms Can’t Protect You !!!

Bacteria, parasites, viruses and other diseases. One worse than others but none without losing the degree of importance in the life of the people. Today I want to teach you because one of the most feared by people like HIV has a “partner” that could be considered much worse than this.

Human papillomavirus, or commonly known as HPV, is responsible for the outbreak of a new deadly disease. It is expected that this new epidemic, even more deadly than AIDS, will claim many lives. The following key points explain why HPV is more deadly than HIV.

There is a common misconception that condoms offer complete protection against sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV / AIDS. However, according to new research, condoms may not provide 100% protection against Human Papillomavirus (HPV), which can spread through skin-to-skin contact with infected areas of the skin not covered by the condom Such as the male and female genitalia. This is especially serious for women because HPV is a silent killer that may be inactive, thus unnoticed for years before attacking.


The most widespread of STIs in the United States, human papillomavirus (HPV) is the name of a group of viruses that affect the skin and the moist membranes that cover your body, for example, the cervix, Year, mouth and throat. There are over 100 types of HPV, many of which cause warts that look malignant.


HPV is a common and highly contagious infection, with more than three quarters of sexually active women acquiring at some point in their lives. HPV is transmitted sexually, but skin-to-skin genital contact is also a well-recognized mode of transmission. This means that condoms can not give complete protection.


HPV is transmitted primarily through sexual contact and most people are infected with HPV shortly after the onset of sexual activity. But HPV can be passed on, even when the infected person has no signs or symptoms of the virus. In some cases it takes years for symptoms to appear, and people rarely ever experience any symptoms during their lifetime.


Cervical cancer is by far the most common HPV-related disease. Almost all cases of cervical cancer, which is the leading cause of death in women, can be attributed to HPV infection. In fact, two types of HPV, types 16 and 18, account for almost 70% of all cases of cervical cancer.


Women are more susceptible to getting the virus than men. With respect to rates of transmission of HPV, transmission rates from male to female are 5% higher than female-to-male transmission rates.