‘Elf’ Starring Will Ferrell Is Apparently The Best Family Christmas Movie

‘Elf’ Starring Will Ferrell Is Apparently The Best Family Christmas Movie


With nearly less than a month until that festive day rolls around, many families will be gearing up to watch a wholesome Christmas film to keep everyone entertained. It’s an incredibly heated debate around what movie tops the list as being the best for Christmas time, as some reckon the oldies are the best, whereas others are steadfast in their belief that the new ones put a more modern spin on the holiday season.

Well that debate appears to be over with Elf, starring Will Ferrell, voted the best family Christmas film.

Ranker has put the 2003 comedy at the top of the list, followed by Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before ChristmasThe Santa Claus starring Tim Allen, A Christmas Caroland Deck The Halls coming in fifth.

Obviously being a list focusing on ‘family’ or PG-13 movies, it means the likes of Die Hard and Bad Santa miss the cut. But it’s surprising that Home Alone and Love Actually don’t even feature in the contest.

Regardless, Elf has been crowned the victor and we must respect the result.

The movie also stars James Caan (Las Vegas) and Zooey Deschanel (500 Days of Summer) and focuses on Will Ferrell’s character Buddy, one of Santa’s elves, who travels from the North Pole to meet his biological father.


With a budget of $33 million (£25 million), it made more than six times that at the Box Office. Even the tough-to-crack Rotten Tomatoes gave the film an 84 percent rating, with the Critical Consensus saying: “A movie full of Yuletide cheer, Elf is a spirited, good-natured family comedy, and it benefits greatly from Will Ferrell’s funny and charming performance as one of Santa’s biggest helpers.”

British television stations caused a bloody outrage last Christmas when it was revealed that not a single channel was showing Elf in the lead up to, or on the festive day.

Naturally, people lost their shit, with one person saying on Twitter: “But it’s not Christmas without Elf!”

Another wrote: “Could 2016 really get any worse?”

That tweet was made on December 19 and the person was yet to find out that, yes, 2016 could get much, much worse when Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds and George Michael died in the days leading up to the New Year.

Hopefully TV stations around the UK learned from last year’s serious mistake and will have at least one channel show Elf; especially considering it’s now been crowned the people’s favourite.

Sources: Ranker

Featured Image Credit: New Line Cinema

People Share Their Crappy Life Hacks, And They’re Hilarious

People Share Their Crappy Life Hacks, And They’re Hilarious

So, maybe knowing how to quickly untangle your headphones or microwave two bowls at once won’t necessarily save your life, but it can sure save you some time and keep you from unnecessary frustrations, which is always appreciated. However, these life hacks below are the opposite of what you would call life-saving tips.

Still, while instructions on how to cut a bagel and an efficient way of preventing gas leaks can get a little dangerous if taken seriously (and we strongly advise you not to), we do, in all sincerity, recommend that you listen to the brilliant advice on how to prepare kale.

Even though the only thing these silly pro-tips can do is make you laugh, we encourage you to scroll down and get your dose of giggles for today. And if you’re looking for more absurdity like that, check out more examples of it right here.

#1 Non-Smoker Hack

Image source: buttpoems

#2 Tired Of Boiling Water Every Time You Make Pasta? Boil A Few Gallons At The Beginning Of The Week And Freeze It For Later

Image source: datassque

#3 Eggs Are Really Healthy And Should Be The Foundation Of Your Diet. Don’t Like The Taste? Add Cacao, Butter, Flour And Bake For 30 Minutes

Image source: toromio

#4 Don’t Throw Out Old Doll Heads. You Can Turn Them Into Handy Night Lights For Your Kids

Image source: Improbably_wrong

#5 If You Sleep Till Noon You Only Have To Pay For 2 Meals Instead Of 3

Image source: harriscolten

#6 Batteries Dead In Your Smoke Alarm? Just Use Popcorn As A Smoke Alarm. When You Hear Crackling, Grab Your Popcorn And Get The Hell Out

Image source: shittyIifetips

#7 Use A Snake To Hold Your Pasta Easily

Image source: Tucko29

#8 If Your Car Is Making An Unsettling Noise, Just Turn Your Radio Up Until It Disappears

Image source: theultimatedoot

#9 When Cutting Bagels In Half, Put Your Finger Through The Stabilization Hole To Keep It Steady

Image source: jaapgrolleman

#10 If It Works It Isn’t Stupid

Image source: maharaja17

Sabertooth Tiger Strolls Down The Road – Then Pedestrian Gets A Bit Too Close

Sabertooth Tiger Strolls Down The Road – Then Pedestrian Gets A Bit Too Close


It was just another typical Los Angeles day as families enjoyed clear skies and tasty ice cream with their loved ones… until suddenly a prehistoric being was walking on the streets!

What would you do if you saw a saber-toothed cat walking down pedestrian streets?

Personally, I would be equal parts excited and terrified.

But you may be wondering, how can a sabertooth be wandering out and about on Wilshire Boulevard in LA? Didn’t they become extinct during the Ice Age?

That is exactly correct, they are extinct. So how did this one mysterious creature survive?

Well, if you look closely, you’ll find that this sabertooth cat isn’t a prehistoric mammal at all, but rather a life size robotic model!

Source: YouTube

Honestly, it would have fooled me. With the way the head moves and the eyes blink, along with the fur being beautifully disheveled, I would have believed this predatory cat was real.

The life-sized sabertooth cat robot was attached to a leash and escorted by two “handlers.” For a robot, it moved very life-like, especially when its large paws would walk across the cement.

What a great treat for LA residents that day!

So why did this huge cat make an appearance? The sabertooth was promoting the Ice Age Encounters exhibit at the LA Brea Tar Pits and Museum.

The smilodon, also known as one of the most famous prehistoric mammals and the best known saber-toothed cat, enjoyed delicious Ice Age-themed treats from the CoolHaus ice cream truck. It also took pictures with some adoring and incredulous fans!

Brave kids were the first ones to approach the large feline, and before long many other civilians got a snapshot with the animatronic animal.

I wish I was there! But in the meantime, we can relive the experience with the video below.

Source: shareably.net

Model With ‘Europe’s Biggest Boobs’ Wants To Become ‘Crispy Brown’

Model With ‘Europe’s Biggest Boobs’ Wants To Become ‘Crispy Brown’



This German model with 32 S boobs, uses tan injections in a bid to make her skin ‘dark crispy brown.’

Martina Big  – which is presumably not her real last name, although certainly apt – is aiming to shock fans with her ‘extreme tan’ and biggest bra size in Europe.

The tanning substances increase her melanin levels and she wants more and more of the stuff to get her to her desired skin colour.

On top of this, she is also still an avid user of her 50-tube sunbed, stationed in her home in Trier, Germany.


The 28-year-old – or so she says – claims she does not want to change race, but her mission is to get as dark as she can so she can be the ‘ultimate real-life Barbie bimbo.’

The tanning addict says she will keep the colour of her eyes and eyebrows, as these are ‘the only natural things she will keep.’

She also describes herself as European/Caucasian and doesn’t believe black people will be offended by her controversial, high- maintenance look.

Martina says her friends have been surprised about her drastic change in skin colour and breast size – which she pumps up with saline injections herself – and even her doctor doesn’t recognise her.


On top of increasing her tan and breast size, Martina plans on having a butt-lift to help her achieve her desired ‘look.’

Her boyfriend Michael is apparently so supportive, he too has bizarrely had a course of injections…


Here’s What The ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Kids Look Like 10 Years On

Here’s What The ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Kids Look Like 10 Years On



It has been ten years since Charlie bit Harry’s finger on camera and they became an internet sensation – and it’s making people feel really old.

The iconic viral clip of two young brothers was filmed and uploaded by their dad at their home in Buckinghamshire, earning the family around £1 million and reaching almost 850 million hits on YouTube.

The video shows Charlie sitting on Harry’s lap before Harry sticks his finger in his younger brother’s mouth (mistake). Charlie bites Harry’s finger and his reaction is both a little bit of sweet and a bit of funny thrown in for good measure.

Harry is now a teenager at 13 years old – and Charlie is now 11.

They live in the same house, with the same sofa that featured in the famous clip – and the boys’ dad still works full-time as an IT consultant.

If by any chance you have never seen it, here’s the original video:

The original video was uploaded to YouTube back in 2007 and was never actually intended to go public.

While their parents admit to making sure their sons always have “nice bicycles”, the majority of the money made from YouTube has been invested in private education for the boys.

Sacha Baron Cohen Got Into Some Serious Trouble While Filming Borat

Sacha Baron Cohen Got Into Some Serious Trouble While Filming Borat


Sacha Baron Cohen has played some pretty scandalous characters, from the extravagant Ali G to the well meaning Nobby, but none have been as controversial as Borat.

It has been eleven years since the 2006 film, which saw the ignorant Kazakh journalist head to the US, where his bizarre behaviour and dramatic stunts caused great commotion among unsuspecting Americans, was released.

It turns out that while convincingly entering into the character of Borat, Cohen actually attracted unwanted attention from the FBI, he revealed when speaking to WTF with Marc Maron,


I can see why some red flags may have been raised by the FBI after he tried to kidnap Pamela Anderson at a book signing, sang the Kazakhstan national anthem in front of a load of deep south rodeo fanatics, and drove an ice-cream van around, pranking strangers and branding people gypsies.

When filming continued the police were called, and ridiculously Cohen had to jump out of a window under the advice of his bodyguard, breaking his heel in the process and shutting down production for a while.

In more recent news, Baron Cohen’s alter-ego Ali G actually prompted and English town to change it’s name. The white suburbanite who plays at being a streetwise rapper, claims to live in the heart of the “Staines Ghetto.” The location serves as an in-joke for Brits familiar with the relatively affluent London commuter town. So Staines has changed it’s name to a much fancier sounding Staines-upon-Thames.

As well as changing the course of Staines, Borat actually strained the relationship between the UK and Kazakhstan, and Cohen received a call from former Prime Minister Tony Blair in regards to it.

As for Kazakhstan, they actually thanked Borat for ‘boosting tourism’, the BBC reports, after ten times the number of people were applying for visas.

The British star’s latest comedy creation, Greed, is inspired by disgraced former BHS chief Sir Philip Green and will be centred around a retail billionaire.

The 46-year-old actor pushes all boundaries of comedy, with his most recent Brothers Grimsby included a scene that can only be describe as elephant bukkake.

By taking risks that no one else would, the reason Borat is so funny is because he crosses the line of unacceptable to create the ultimate shock factor.

If he’s not getting in trouble with the FBI, is he even doing it properly?

Couple’s Hilarious Wedding Photo Goes Viral

Couple’s Hilarious Wedding Photo Goes Viral



It’s your wedding day; the happiest day of your life – a day to be documented for all eternity with pictures to show your grandkids in years to come.

But this just-married couple staged an NSFW woodland scene, in which they appear to be performing an oral sex act to celebrate their nuptials – because apparently it’s not just the groom who kneels while proposing marital bliss.

You’d think the newlyweds would be leaving this particular wedding photo out of the family album – you might be wrong though, as to make matters weirder, it was one of their mums who

Pics shows: The viral picture of giving a blowjob to the groom at their wedding; This is the bizarre wedding photo of a just-married couple seemingly performing an oral sex act which one of their own mothers proposed as an idea to the photographer. The picture of the Dutch couple, whose names were not published, shows a bride dressed in a traditional white gown on her knees in a patch of forest. The groom, dressed in a blue suit, is seen standing in front of the bride with his pants down, seemingly watching over his new wife performing an oral sex act on him. The caption at the picture read: "Some newlyweds cannot wait for the party to be over so they can quietly retreat to their suite for a smashing wedding night. Luckily they already exchanged their wedding vows and they were officially married." The highly unusual wedding photo went viral in the Netherlands and gathered more than 27,000 likes. Michel Klooster is the photographer of what might be the most bizarre wedding picture ever taken. He said he already got three requests of other couples if he could take a similar "blow job picture". According to Klooster, it is a picture which is merely suggesting that something exciting is happening. He said he saw a similar picture once on an American website, and thought it was a funny idea. Klooster, who has been working as a professional photographer for eight years, said he is quite open-minded but at times does have to tell his clients "no" when the work becomes too pornographic. Klooster said: "I don't want private parts visible on the picture, but everything that creates the impression is interesting." Perhaps the most bizarre aspect of the picture is that one of the mothers of the couple came up with the idea, although it is unclear which one. Kloosters said: "They were anyway very cheerful people. A nice and casual wedding, at which everything did not have to be so formal." He said that such wedding pictures are a trend of the last years, in which "

The picture of the Dutch couple, whose names have not been published, shows a bride dressed in a traditional white gown, on her knees in a patch of forest.

The groom, dressed in a sharp blue suit, is seen standing in front of the bride with his pants down, seemingly watching over his new wife performing an oral sex act on him.

The highly unusual, and somewhat controversial wedding photo went viral in the Netherlands and gathered more than 27,000 likes, a figure which will be the envy of most brides, I’m sure.

Michel Klooster, (pictured above) is the photographer responsible for what might be the most bizarre wedding picture ever taken – he said he’s already had three requests of other couples asking to take a similar picture.

According to Klooster, it’s a picture which is merely suggesting something exciting is happening.

He said he saw a similar picture once on an American website and thought it was a funny idea.

McDonald’s Eyebrows Are The Latest Trend And I’m Not Lovin’ It

McDonald’s Eyebrows Are The Latest Trend And I’m Not Lovin’ It



It seems we can’t go a week without a new ridiculous trend hitting Instagram and making us wonder what is wrong with the world.

And this week is no different. Now I love McDonald’s as much as the next man, but quite frankly, I would never think about getting eyebrows drawn on to mimic their trademark two arches.

Well, that’s what people are doing online, and it makes absolutely no sense. Some people are even colouring their eyebrows in yellow to complete the fast food fashion look.

If the trend makes you want to frown and get angry at the state of fashion, then bust out those eyebrow pencils and rectify that right away into the arches.

Basically, ‘McDonald’s brows’ are achieved when the fashionista makes their existing brows invisible using powder and concealer, then painting on faux brows as high as possible to mirror the iconic golden arches. All jokes aside, nobody thinks this is serious and it’s a laugh but…

The trend really took off with the Instagram account @hudabeauty, who almost certainly did this as a joke – as usual though – things got out of hand and it became a massive trend.

It just goes to show how quickly people will jump on an odd trend like this.

If you want to look more expressive, then this is a great way to add that little something extra to your Friday night beauty regime.

Well, there you have it. This actually reminds us of the Nike swoosh eyebrows which did the rounds a while back.

Yesterday, makeup artist Huda Kattan, who boats a staggering 22 million Instagram followers, shared a snap of the brows, effectively ruining 2017.

Social media @slayagebyjess created the look using a $10 Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Linger in Blackest Black.

Something about the McDonald’s brows seems just that little bit worse to me, compared with the Nike. Though they are both abominations, McDonald’s brows seem extra capitalistic.

Something about the McDonald’s brows seems just that little bit worse to me, compared with the Nike. Though they are both abominations, McDonald’s brows seem extra capitalistic.

Thor: Ragnarok Is The Funniest Superhero Movie Ever Made

Thor: Ragnarok Is The Funniest Superhero Movie Ever Made



Possibly the funniest superhero movie ever made Thor: Ragnarok is balls to the wall bonkers and perfectly distills the Marvel formula of lighthearted, glib action to its purest form.

Ragnarok follows on from the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, opening with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) on an interstellar quest to find out who’s hunting down the cosmic MacGuffins, the Infinity Stones.

Unfortunately for our hero, he gets distracted from his quest when he and his brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) accidentally release the Goddess of Death Hela.


Hela immediately does what all death gods do, defeating both brothers and banishing them from Asgard before seizing the throne for herself.

Lost, alone and most importantly hammerless Thor finds himself trapped on the Planet Sakaar where he’s captured by Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) who sells him into slavery (more like ‘prisoners with jobs’) where the Heir to Asgard is made to fight against his former comrade the Incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo).

It’s like McGregor versus Mayweather in space, isn’t it?

Thor: Ragnarok is a fantastic film, unafraid of its comic origins and more than willing to poke fun at the sometimes portentous superhero genre.

Seriously, not since James Gunn unleashed the Guardians of the Galaxy on unsuspecting audiences in 2014 has a Marvel movie been so fun.

From the moment the film opens it’s a laugh a minute thrill ride full of jokes, gags, and mind-blowing action, basically, everything you want in a superhero movie

And while a lot of the humor’s no doubt down to the director Taika Waititi, who I’d go so far to say is a comic genius, some credit has to go to the stars of the show Hemsworth, Blanchett and Ruffalo.

All of them are hilarious, whether it’s Thor’s misplaced arrogance, Banner’s nonplussed terror, Loki’s reluctance to be wrapped up in another ridiculous adventure or Hela’s fury at no one remembering who she is, they’re all out of this world.

Don’t go thinking that Ragnarok’s only got jokes to offer though there are some incredible action scenes most notably, of course, the fight between Hulk and Thor which despite featuring prominently in the trailers still manages to surprise and thrill.

One thing that I found especially surprising was Hela, who manages to buck the Marvel trend of being a paper-thin villain.

The character, while not as three dimensional as a character like Loki, has a believable motivation and a clearly defined goal beyond the usual, ‘I want to shoot a laser into the sky’ that so many Marvel villains fall afoul of.

It also helps that she’s a complete badass who’s more than capable of keeping up with Thor, physically throwing the self-proclaimed ‘strongest Avenger’ around as easily as he throws his hammer.

And while I’ve no doubt some will accuse Cate Blanchett of chewing the scenery like a ravenous Viking at a celluloid feast I found her an engaging and entertaining villain who’s well performed.

Fingers crossed characters like The Vulture and Hela will set a new trend for Marvel so we’re never blighted by another Malekith-style bad guy.

Perhaps the reason why this movie succeeds, however, isn’t because it’s funny or well directed (both of which are true) but because of how it embraces its comic book origins.

From vistas and visuals inspired by Jack Kirby’s visionary artwork to characters pulled from across the Thor mythos, Ragnarok is a love letter to the character and the passion shows on screen.

If I had any problem with the film it’s that it’s slightly shallow, you see throughout the film there’s this notion that home isn’t a place, it’s where your people are, a message which is slightly diluted when Thor must convince Banner to abandon the one place he’s ever been accepted.

It’s not a massive problem but it did stick in my craw ever so slightly, as did the film’s slightly rushed third act which while not as egregious as Age of Ultron’s final chapter doesn’t shine as brightly as the other two acts.

A joy from start to finish and infinitely quotable Thor: Ragnarok proves that as long as Marvel is willing to keep innovating then superhero movies are here to stay!

Billy Connolly To Be Knighted At Buckingham Palace Today

Billy Connolly To Be Knighted At Buckingham Palace Today

Comedian and actor Billy Connolly will be knighted today at Buckingham Palace for his services to entertainment and charity.

 The Big Yin is finally being recognised with the old three-sword-touch courtesy of Queen Elizabeth II, after decades of entertainment and philanthropy.

The 74-year-old Glaswegian comedian, music and film talent said ‘I’m not big on pride’ but added he is ‘very pleased’ to be given a knighthood in the Queen’s birthday honours list.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM:  Scottish comedian and actor Billy Connolly shows off his  CBE he received 03 December, 2003 from the Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace, London.     AFP PHOTO/FIONA HANSON/WPA POOL  (Photo credit should read FIONA HANSON/AFP/Getty Images)

After decades – a veritable lifetime – bringing light and laughter into the world, it’s about time Sir Big Yin stepped up to the plate.

Although Billy decided he wanted to make people laugh during his ‘unhappy’ childhood, the schoolboy garnered two engineering qualifications, one of which was collected by mistake and actually belonged to a boy named Connell.

As a young man, Connolly spent his formative years working in the shipyards, enjoying the hive of activity and banter of his 9 to 5. He went onto join the Territorial Army Reserve unit 15th (Scottish) Battalion and the Parachute Regiment (15 PARA) and became the Weekend Soldier he would later sing about.

So, then there came the music. With his band, The Humblebums – and in the early 1970s during his solo career – Billy mixed his trademark wit and whimsy with the melodic tones of folk to cult acclaim.

But it wasn’t long before his comedic stylings finally took centre stage and The Big Yin – as he’s known by his Scottish fans – was born.

Billy’s first solo endeavour came with the release of Billy Connolly Live!, a brave double album of comedy monologues and ditties.

It features one of Billy’s most famous sketches – The Crucifixion, which likens Christ’s Last Supper to a drunken night out in Glasgow – and immediately garnered the eminent performer his deserved status on comedy circuits.

Billy was a hit with the 1970s audiences in Britain, who longed for the sort of tongue-in-cheek edgy comedy the bearded icon has always delivered, with a cheeky smile on his unusually-hirsute face.

Billy has dedicated much of his career to appearances for charitable causes, such as Comic Relief and Freedomfest: Nelson Mandela‘s 70th Birthday Celebration.

Connolly’s other television endeavours have seen him travel the world on his Harley Davidson, from Australia to America and the Arctic Circle.

In 1997, Connolly starred with Judi Dench in Mrs. Brown, in which he played John Brown, the favoured Scottish servant of Queen Victoria. He was nominated for a BAFTA Award and a BAFTA Scotland Award for Best Actor, as well as a Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance.

Connolly has since starred in White Oleander (2002), The Last Samurai (2003), and Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004), as well as voicing animated feature length films such as Brave (2012).

The self-confessed atheist also warmed the hearts of cult classic audiences in a plethora of charming indie films, including his portrayal of an elderly, sea-faring lawyer who undertakes a legal case of Biblical proportions in The Man Who Sued God(2001).

Connolly has brought life and laughter to the lives of many. To say this honour is deserved would be an understatement.