Employee Who Sent Out Hawaii Missile Alert Thought Attack Was Real

Employee Who Sent Out Hawaii Missile Alert Thought Attack Was Real

The employee who petrified hundreds of thousands of people by issuing a false missile alert to the US state of Hawaii genuinely thought the state was under attack, it has been revealed.

At 8.07am on 13 January, an unidentified staff member of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HEMA) sent out a mobile phone alert that went uncorrected for 38 minutes, leaving people across the state fearing for their lives.

It’s for the best that no one knows who they are, to be honest – they’re probably still cringing in embarrassment.


Now the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which has been investigating the mistake, has revealed that the employee was taking part in an emergency drill but got confused by its wording and pressed the panic button for real.

In its preliminary report of the incident, the FCC said that part of the call the staff member heard ‘did not follow the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency’s standard operating procedures’.

“Instead, the recording included language scripted for use in an Emergency Alert System message for an actual live ballistic missile alert. It thus included the sentence “this is not a drill’,” the report reads.

“The recording ended by saying again, ‘exercise, exercise, exercise.’ Three on-duty warning officers in the agency’s watch center received this message, simulating a call from U.S. Pacific Command on speakerphone.”

Because they’d heard the words ‘this is not a drill’ but not the following ‘exercise, exercise, exercise’, the employee pressed the button and believed they’d acted correctly until the alert appeared on their colleagues’ phones. Oops.

The first alert people received at 8.07am. Credit: PA
The first alert people received at 8.07am. Credit: PA

HEMA was forced to make an almighty scramble to tell people the alert was false, correcting the mistake on Twitter within 12 minutes. However, by that point the damage was done and it took until 8.45am for staff to send out a second all-OK alert.

The FCC said that it took so long for HEMA to issue the correction because the proper procedure to do so wasn’t in place.

Due to the wording of the drill, the FCC has not blamed the employee for the incident and they remain in post at HEMA. However, they no longer have access to the missile alert system.

At the time, Hawaii’s Governor David Ige apologised profusely for the confusion, believing that the employee had pressed the wrong button by accident while staff were changing between night and day shifts.

“I am sorry for the pain and confusion it caused. I, too, am extremely upset about this and am doing everything I can do to immediately improve our emergency management systems, procedures and staffing,” he said.

Hawaii Governor David Ige. Credit: PA
Hawaii Governor David Ige. Credit: PA

In addition to the phone alert, radio and TV networks also sounded the alarm, telling viewers and listeners to seek immediate shelter and remain well away from windows.

The alert would have been particularly scary for Hawaiians due to recent missile tests carried out by North Korea, some of which were potentially strong enough to reach Hawaii.

The FCC said that HEMA has ‘already taken steps’ to prevent a repeat of the incident. Its final report will be released in due course.

Featured Image Credit: PA

13-year-old builds his own mini-house in his backyard, look inside and be impressed

13-year-old builds his own mini-house in his backyard, look inside and be impressed

Most middle schoolers probably have other things on their minds besides building houses.

But Luke Thill, a 13-year-old from Dubuque, Iowa, is unlike any other middle schooler you’ve seen before.

This talented and proactive boy has crafted his very own little house — in his parents’ backyard.

The project cost him roughly $1,500 USD — and now Luke is living his dream in his little cottage.

Come on in and have a look at what it looks like inside.

I think it’s safe to say that Luke is not like many of his 13-year-old peers. In a time of iPads, smart phones, gadgets and X Boxes, this young man decided to keep himself busy in a different and more ‘old-fashioned’ way. As he explains on his YouTube channel, his desire to build a small house grew out of feeling bored during last summer.

After some thorough researching, Luke had a pretty good idea of how he was going to put his plan into action.

The Process
It took him about a year to get the money and materials he needed to build the house. Luke mowed lawns, started a fund-raiser online and ran errands for anyone who needed help in the neighborhood to make money.

An electrician Luke was friends with helped him install the electricity in exchange for Luke cleaning his garage out, for instance.

Luke used about 75 percent recycled material, many of which were things left over from his grandma’s house. The front door of the house was a gift from an uncle’s friend.

The 89-square-foot house is 10 feet long and 5 1/2 feet wide, with electricity but no plumbing, so no water or bathroom… yet.

“I liked the minimalism,” he told The Des Moines Register. “And I wanted to have a house without a huge mortgage.”

Luke has made several video clips and posted them on online, where he talks about his project as many have grown curious about the little house.

As you can imagine, Luke also received some help from his parents, both financially and with the building itself.

But dad Greg made sure that it would be Luke himself who would pay for most of his project and also build most of it himself.

“It was a chance for a kid to do something more than play video games or sports,” Greg told The Des Moines Register. “It teaches life lessons.”

Teenager’s Dream

The house is in many ways a teenager’s dream, an oasis where you can chill and hang out in. It has a microwave, a TV and a loft with a bed.

There’s even a barbecue and flowers at the back.

Luke usually does his homework after school at his new house and some nights during the week he gets to sleep there.

Luke already has aspirations to build another house — one that’s a little bigger for when he starts college. He also hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams:

“I want to show kids it’s possible to build at this age,” he says in one of his videos.

You can really see how proud he is about his project below.

Coward Man Kills Dog And Poses For A Trophy Photo

Coward Man Kills Dog And Poses For A Trophy Photo

Look at this brave ‘hunter’ – he killed himself a puppy and is bragging about it on social media. The man lives in Zgorigra, in the district of Vratsa, Bulgaria and is 31 years old. He is known to have a hatred for dogs and reportedly wants all dogs killed. Because that his realistic.

He apparently hates dogs because of some problems he has with the neighbor’s dog. Authorities pressed charges after the photos went viral. Happily, the man may have to pay a fine and serve 5 years in jail. But first, he has to be found guilty – which in Bulgaria is often not the case.


She throws dog in trash and moves in with boyfriend – isn’t prepared for animal lovers’ response

She throws dog in trash and moves in with boyfriend – isn’t prepared for animal lovers’ response

I never cease to be amazed by how some people treat their animals. This woman literally threw her dog in the trash when she went to move to another state to live with her boyfriend.

But fortunately, this story has a happy ending — for the dog at least. And as for the woman, keep reading.

The dog Fawna has not had an easy life. She lived with a woman in Pennsylvania who should never have been allowed to own a dog. The woman neglected her and starved her until she was only skin and bones.

Then one day, the woman decided that she didn’t want Fawna anymore. She wanted to move across the country to Texas to live with her boyfriend. So she took Fawna out like she was trash and dumped her in a garbage can.


Fawna was trapped in the bin for three days by the very person who was supposed to love her the most. I can’t even imagine how it must been for her!

Then after three days, a garbage man named Nathan Binnie arrived to empty the garbage.

Shocked by what he saw
Luckily, Nathan discovered that there was a dog in the trash can. At first, he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the skeletal body, and immediately got his lunch and gave Fawna something to eat.

Then, he drove her straight to the Humane Society of Westmoreland County.

There, Fawna was examined by veterinarian Megan Fritz, who was also shocked when she saw the thin dog.

The woman who dumped Fawna was easy to identify. The dog was chipped and the police could quickly look up who was her owner was. They arrested the woman and charged her with animal cruelty. She later paid $600 and had to undergo a psychiatric examination.

One thing was certain: Fawna would not return to her owner.

Megan at the Humane Society of Westmoreland County made sure to give Fawna both love and food, and it didn’t take long before Fawna doubled her weight.

But the story doesn’t end there! Megan became so fond of Fawna that she decided to adopt her.

Megan says that Fawna quickly adapted to her new life and is healthy and happy now. She even got a big brother, a great Dane named Steve.

Megan is planning to train Fawna to become a therapy dog.

“I think her story is really inspiring,” Megan says.

Watch this news report to see Fawna in her new home:

6 Five Guys secret menu items you definitely should be ordering


6 Five Guys secret menu items you definitely should be ordering

When it comes to burgers, Five Guys just gets it. No other place overrides the request of your wallet and conscience for a small order of fries in favor of what your taste buds really want – a flood of fries that don’t even fit the cup they come in, sans extra change. Don’t even get me started on Cajun fries.

All this talk about fries, and that isn’t even Five Guys’ staple – it’s the burgers that really get the bucks in. Did you know they have a secret menu? Here are a few of the best secret menu items you’ll wish you knew sooner.

1. Patty melt

While there’s some debate over the name (patty melt vs fatty melt) it’s basically a grilled cheeseburger – a burger patty, (multiple patties if you’re hungry) and your choice of usual toppings – surrounded by an upside down grilled bun. A simple upgrade to an already elevated burger.

2.Double grilled cheeseburger

The double cheeseburger is a Five Guys secret menu concoction that consists of as many patties as you like, sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Double the meat, double the cheese, double the mouthwatering gut bomb.

3. The Presidential

If you have a presidential palate, this burger is for you. Although Barack Obama has since left office, he leaves his legacy with his longtime Five Guys favorite secret menu contribution: The Presidential. This tasty treat is a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, jalapeño peppers, and mustard. Classic with a kick: Obama in a nutshell.
4. Burger dog

Are you a hot dog as well as a burger person, and hate deciding between the two? The burger dog is the best of both worlds. It’s a cheeseburger with extra cheese, mustard, pickles, raw onions, salt and pepper. And a hot dog with no bun? that is shoved into the middle of it. Not sure if this is an abomination or a gift from the gods, but what I can say is that I’m down either way.

5. In-N-Out “Animal style” double-double

Because three’s a crowd. I’m not entirely sure if we should discuss In-N-Out in the Five Guys Shake Shack debate because of the coastal thing, but that doesn’t mean everyone can’t enjoy some. Order a regular cheeseburger with extra cheese, tomato, lettuce, and pickles. Ask for mayo, ketchup and relish on the side, mix it together, and slather it on a la In-N-Out. An East Coast take on a West Coast delicacy.

6. Breaking Windy City Dog

For those who order hot dogs at burger joints. Or for those who need a side of hot dog with their burger. Go with this Chicago-inspired secret menu item, dubbed the Breaking Windy City Dog. It’s a hot dog with pickles, tomato, relish, hot sauce, green peppers, mustard and Cajun seasoning.

I still can’t decide which I like more. Yes, there are all these juicy burger combinations but it’s very rare to have such great fries. Can they have two staples? Cheers to a drool-worthy list. I need some napkins!

Teen suffers horrific injuries and nearly dies after taking part in the ‘Tide Pod Challenge’

Teen suffers horrific injuries and nearly dies after taking part in the ‘Tide Pod Challenge’

The recent craze that was the ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ was one of those things that is easy to laugh at and move on from, right up until you see how widespread its reach was. I first came across the ridiculous trend in early January, but by then it was in full swing, with enough of the detergent-chewing videos around to give us lengthy YouTube compilations of the ‘best ones’.

The challenge started off as a meme, with Twitter users joking about the fact that the laundry products look delicious, despite being clearly not. However, someone somewhere had the terrible idea that this would be even funnier if you were to film yourself actually biting into the soapy package. Surprisingly, the joke didn’t wear thin, with thousands of teenagers biting into Tide Pods to join in on the craze.

Honestly, it’s hard not to worry about the future when you see videos like this:

In the last month, the American Association of Poison Control Centres (AAPCC) have reported a huge rise in calls they’ve received regarding tide pod poisoning, and the topic has been the focus of many news stories. After all, it’s not often that internet challenges like this actually result in bodily harm.

Now the story of a boy who ate three laundry detergent pods is making the rounds, with a video explaining how much harm he did to himself by taking part in the bewildering internet sensation. The clip tells the story of how a boy, referred to as ‘JR’, ended up in the hospital in January with respiratory distress, somnolence and emesis following his attempt at the challenge, going to details on how this affected his insides.

His mother told A&E staff that he had been gagging, vomiting and struggling to breathe for over half an hour. As with most taking part in the challenge, he had no intention of swallowing the detergent but was overcome by a burning sensation and numbness on his tongue immediately after biting into it. He began to cough, which only allowed some of the detergent to make its way down his throat, where it began burning, leaving him foaming at the mouth.

His mother called the poison centre, then called an ambulance to their home. At the hospital, he was found to have a corroded oesophagus, which is just as bad as it sounds, as well as damaging his stomach. His situation was critical when the oxygen levels in his blood dropped as he struggled to breathe, his heart-rate doubling. He eventually lost consciousness but was saved by the quick intervention of medical staff.

tide podCredit: YouTube

Now that the 17-year-old has come out of the situation alive and well, I’m sure his mom will be pretty angry with his behaviour. I did plenty of dumb things during my teens, but I don’t think I ever got as far as ingesting cleaning products.

Source: Vt.co

Abandoned Dog Suffered Horrific Injuries After Being Brutally Attacked with a Shovel

Abandoned Dog Suffered Horrific Injuries After Being Brutally Attacked with a Shovel

Meet Sky! This handsome dog has had a rough life. He was brutally attacked by his previous owner with a shovel, taking off half of his face.


After Sky was hit, he took off and found shelter. No one knows how long he was there, but they believed it was a few days. When another person had found him, they saw dead tissue falling from his face, his right eye had fallen off, he was missing an ear, and an empty eye socket was filled with dirt and grass.

It is a miracle that the infection didn’t kill Sky. With a broken and locked jaw, he was destined for death.

The person who found Sky took him to their local adoption center. The shelter put his picture up on their website hoping someone would adopt him. However, the picture was only of his good side. A family wanted him and had him shipped to their house in Germany.


To their surprise, they noticed the horrific injuries he had sustained. They were floored by what they saw and rushed Sky to a local veterinarian. Sadly, the veterinarian staff told the family he should be euthanized. After several other attempts with other veterinarians, they finally found a man who would help.

Last summer, Viktor Larkhill, founder of “Let’s Adopt International Extreme Rescue” in Spain, shares a video about Sky and his recovery. He explains that the family tried several veterinarians, but none wanted to help.


In order for Sky to eat, Viktor’s team had to break a few teeth so they could funnel pureed food through to his tongue where he could then swallow. Over the course of months, Sky has been battling infections and severe pain. But he’s alive, and he is in good hands.

The family refused to let Sky die, so seeking out Viktor was their only hope. After the blow, Sky’s jaw locked. He couldn’t eat and had a difficult time drinking water. After Viktor’s team determined what was wrong, they knew they needed to operate on Sky and provide him a jaw prosthesis, or a bionic jaw. They had to do it fast. Sky had lost so much time already.

According to Viktor, this kind of surgery is the first ever to be performed on a dog. And it was successful! Sky can finally open his mouth and eat. Check out the video below of Sky eating. This day was a huge success!

After Sky’s successful operation, he was reunited with his family and their other dog, who Sky missed terribly. Sky’s buddy, a large Bernese Mountain dog, was overjoyed to see him again. The couple began to cry when they saw their brave dog — they couldn’t stop kissing and hugging him when they finally were reunited. Sky has a family that loves him and reassures him every day how much they do.


Pick Your Favorite Fairy to Uncover a Positive Message Which Will Inspire You to Improve Your Life!

Pick Your Favorite Fairy to Uncover a Positive Message Which Will Inspire You to Improve Your Life!

Fairies are ethereal spirits that have been referred to as “demoted” angels or servers of sorcerers. In modern tales, fairiers are often depicted as beautiful and enchanted tree spirits who remain hidden from humans. These elemental creatures can be messengers of spiritual guidance, if you know how to look out for them.

There are different classifications and characteristics of fairies, so the one you’ll choose will send you a message to inspire you to improve your life and reach for the sky.

Take a deep breath and calmly look at the pictures of these fairies for a brief moment. Which one of these are you drawn to the most? Scroll down to read the messages each one reveals.


This fairy sends you a message that indicates the end of a karmic lesson or cycle where you have successfully cleared a contract or debt from your past. This could refer to a challenging situation you have recently conquered in your life or a troubling experience with an individual that involved a great deal of effort or pain.

Even though there are ongoing lessons to confront throughout the course of your life, you will never have to experience this particular lesson again. This also represents the “Wheel of fortune,” where whatever goes up must also come down. Just as the tides are constantly ebbing and flowing, you are being encouraged to adapt to both the highs and low in your life. For it is in your ability to adapt that you will make your dreams come true. By stating “This too shall pass” in the face of each and every experience, you will remain centered, grounded, and stable.

In order to better your current situation, you a being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life – cycles that have cleared you of a karmic debt from your past. So pat yourself on the back and acknowledge your efforts and achievements. By continuing to face your challenges head-on and treating others with love and respect, you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.

Affirmation: I clear debts from my past and create a happy, harmonious life.


This fairy indicates a time to lovingly lead and guide others who are less capable than you are. This may apply to your workplace, community, family, or circle of friends. You are being encouraged to have confidence in your ability to motivate and inspire those who accompany you on your path. This also indicates a role as a leader in your field.

You may choose to rise to the top of your game with your unique talents, or to lovingly lead others to a new-and-improved way of life. Either way, it’s time to step up to the plate and adopt a position of authority, for you have a natural ability to lead.

In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life – cycles that are encouraging you to be a compassionate leader. Remember, a successful leader leads alongside others rather than from above. Others graciously follow when you have their best interests at heart. So know that it is safe for you to lead the way

Affirmation: I lead others, and in turn, serve a higher purpose.


This fairy indicates a need to see your life as an adventure. No one knows what will happen tomorrow, so why not make the most of today? By drawing this card, you’re being encouraged to step out of the rut of your everyday life to experience exciting new things. It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic; just a couple of minor adjustments can add a little adventure and zing. This is a time to be inquisitive and daring.

You might want to rearrange your furniture or experiment with new styles of clothing. Perhaps you could eat a different type of food, take up a new hobby, or go on an overseas voyage. Sometimes a new version of something familiar is enough to shake things up. Even a random act of kindness can be an adventure in itself.

In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life—cycles that are leading you toward new experiences and adventures. You’ve got people to meet, and plenty of things to see. So open yourself up to the unknown, revitalize your soul, and broaden your horizons. Adventure stimulates the life force and enhances your connection to Source.

Affirmation: I broaden my life experience, and therefore expand the growth of my soul.


This fairy show you a need to acknowledge the power of your mind and your ability to manifest your desires. You are being urged to familiarize yourself with the Law of Attraction and clarify your wants and needs, for you have entered a powerful cycle of Divine manifestation. Provided that your dreams serve the greater good, as well as the intentions of your soul, the Universe will assist you in making them come true.

By choosing this fairy, you are being reminded that successful manifestation requires more than just positive and wishful thinking. You must also surrender the outcome to the Divine and detach from the results. Remember that the Law of Attraction works both ways, so pay attention to your doubts, worries, and fears, and monitor your negative thoughts. Then focus predominantly on what you want, rather than what you fear or don’t want.

In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life—cycles that are leading you toward a time of manifestation. By making peace with your life as it is today and appreciating what you already have, you will create the life you’ve always imagined.

Affirmation: I use my thoughts to make my dreams come true.


This fairy indicates a need to focus on your well-being and self-care. You are being encouraged to explore practices and behaviors that can enhance your physical, emotional, and mental health. Whether you explore conventional or alternative methods, it’s important at this time to put your health and happiness first.

This is a time to eliminate any unhealthy habits and behaviors that are impeding your success. You can seek professional assistance if you need to, or make improvements on your own. Some of the basic necessities for optimal health are regular checkups, good nutrition, exercise, drinking plenty of water, getting a good night’s sleep, detoxification, going outside in nature, engaging in relaxing activities, avoiding toxic people and environments, maintaining a positive mind-set, meditation or yoga, defining your personal limits and boundaries, doing what you love, laughing often, and spending quiet time alone.

In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life – cycles that are encouraging you to work on improving your current state of health. This isn’t a time to procrastinate, for you are being called to take action. Call upon your spirit guides and angels, if necessary to be shown the next step to take for the sake of your health.

Affirmation: Wit a healthy body and mind, I raise my energy vibration.


This fairy indicates a need for self-discipline, motivation, and action to improve your quality of life. By drawing this card, you are being reminded that you need to meet the Universe halfway, because your dreams won’t manifest by themselves.

This is a time to clarify your goals, and to plan and prioritize your ideas and actions. Then take the mental, emotional, and physical action needed to make your dreams come true. You are being encouraged to rein in any thoughts and emotions that are contrary to what you’re trying to attract.

Rather than letting your doubts and worries consume you, you must have the strength and willpower to focus predominantly on your dreams. You can attain those goals with a strong, disciplined mind when you surrender the outcome to the Divine.

In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life—cycles that are encouraging you to be motivated and strong. This is where you need to play your part. The Universe will provide the opportunities, but you need to see them through.

Affirmation: With self-discipline and action, I make my dreams come true.


This fairy indicates a time of necessary endings and completion in preparation for new beginnings. By drawing this card, you are being encouraged to let go of the old to make way for the new. This may relate to a particular mindset, behavior, friendship, job, residence, or relationship you have outgrown; or it could indicate the completion of a karmic lesson, period of study, or contractual obligation.

Either way, this fairy serves as confirmation that you must move forward with confidence and courage toward bigger and better things. Have no fear of the unknown, for you are being Divinely accompanied and guided. This card serves as confirmation that you are definitely on the right path, so surrender yourself to the changes that are occurring, and you’ll be led to where you need to be.

Spend quiet time alone to connect with your inner guidance, for in the silence, you will be given the next logical step to take. In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life—cycles that are leading you toward a time of endings and completion. So let go of what no longer serves you, spread your wings, and trust in the Divine to show you the way.

Affirmation: It is safe to surrender to the magical future that awaits me.


This pick indicates a need to embrace your individually and be your true, authentic self. Rather than follow the crowd, you’re being guided to break away from the pack and “take the road less traveled.” Instead of feeling like you’re a square peg in a round hole, you’re being encouraged to build your own “square hole.”

You are being called upon to step up to the plate and celebrate your uniqueness. At this time, you must have the courage to speak your truth and march to the beat of your own drum despite the opinions of those around you.

What others think of you isn’t your business anyway, and it’s impossible to please everybody, so you must focus on pleasing yourself. As you honor your individuality and feelings, you will reclaim your personal power and enhance your connection to Source. When you do so, you can make your dreams come true.

In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life – cycles that are encouraging you to embrace your individuality. As you step into your power as your true, authentic self, you will improve your relationships with others and your overall quality of life.


If You’re Searching For Love, This Is What You Need To Do According To Your Zodiac Sign.

If You’re Searching For Love, This Is What You Need To Do According To Your Zodiac Sign.


Before falling in love, you need to work on building up your self confidence, and getting over your fear of judgement. Begin building up your self confidence by starting conversations with new people.

It’s important that you become your own person before getting into a serious relationship, so you don’t become an exact copy of the person you’re dating.


In order for you to find love, you need to rind peace with yourself, and resolve your anger issues. Learn how to better control your emotions, and avoid letting insignificant problems anger you, or you’re never going to have a long term relationship.


Take a deep breath, and be patient. You can’t expect a meaningful relationship to form in a day. Avoid making shortcuts when it comes to your love life.

Take the time to go out on dates, and give yourself the chance to develop a meaningful connection with someone. Having meaningful conversations, and spending time together are the keys to falling in love.


It’s important for you to start thinking with your heart rather than your head. Just do what feels right, and stop trying to justify everything with common sense.

If you feel a connection with someone don’t let them get away. Live in the moment, and stop waiting for someone who meets all your standards on paper.


If you want to find love, you need to start working on yourself. Exercise more often to start strengthening your body, but not to gain the attention of other people. Do it to boost your confidence, and start feeling good about yourself.


You are much too nice and too gullible for this unforgiving world. If you want to find love you need to stand up for yourself, and stop blindly giving people your trust. Otherwise, you could be the victim of multiple heartbreaks.


Before falling in love, you need to make the most of your single life. Go on a crazy adventure to some place you’ve never been before, fool around with complete strangers, and live your life exactly the way you want.

This way, when you eventually meet the right person, you wont have any regrets, and you’ll be ready to settle down, and begin your new life with them.


In order to fall in love you need to start living in the moment. Stop thinking of everything that went wrong in the past, and everything that could go wrong in the future. Live your life to the fullest each day, and be open to meeting new people.


Before starting your search for love, first, you need to build a better relationship with yourself. Figure out everything that you need to be happy, then you’ll be able to build a better connection with someone else.


If you want to fall in love you need to start dealing with confrontation. Hiding from your problems aren’t going to make them any better, and once you are in a relationship, you wont always be able to do that.

It would be best for you to find a way to properly deal with the problems you are experiencing, instead of acting like they don’t exist.


Just because you’re a natural leader doesn’t mean you need to be in charge all the time. Teamwork is essential to a long lasting relationship, and until you are ready to accept that, it will be hard to find someone to spend your life with.


Before you can fall in love, you need to forget about your exes and all the ways they hurt you. What they did to you was wrong, but it would be unfair to treat everyone else like they’re going to make the same mistakes.

Once you are able to let go of the past, keep an open mind, and an open heart, your forever person will find their way into your life.

This woman got ‘vegan’ tattooed on her face, and now the internet is mad

This woman got ‘vegan’ tattooed on her face, and now the internet is mad

Getting a tattoo is a big decision. You’ve got to consider the design, the artist, and – perhaps most importantly – other people’s reactions. When it’s just something small in a place that nobody’s likely to see it, then it’s not really such a big deal. However, when it’s on your face, you’ve got to put some serious thought into what you’re about to have done.

So, when one woman got the word (actually, the logo) “Vegan” on her temple, she set herself up to be the subject of public debate. And it wasn’t pretty.
View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Kate Alice ♀Ⓥ
Got a suicide awareness and vegan tattoo today, love em :’)

4:54 AM – Jan 26, 2018
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Katie Alice, a vegan (duh) from Preston in the UK, claims that she has faced a lot of online criticism after posting pictures of her new tattoo, and gets a great deal of hate in real life, too.

“I’ve received many negative comments on my tattoo which I expected as I’m used to facing criticism for being vegan on a daily basis,” she said.

However, she doesn’t think that people are attacking her for the tattoo especially, but more for her choice to be vegan.

“I don’t think people’s issue with it is because it’s on my face. People often get upset when they see the word ‘vegan’,” she explained, “and I believe this is because they feel very defensive as it encourages them to think about the consequences of their actions i.e. their purchasing habits.”
It’s not just Kate who has been getting flack for the tattoo, however. Her artist has also been receiving abusive messages.
Jordan McCrea, who tattooed the word – along with a semicolon for suicide awareness – onto Kate’s body, found herself having to hide the picture she had posted on Facebook. In its place, she wrote a post defending the young woman’s decision to decorate her body however she wants, and to fight for her beliefs.

“The amount of negative comments I’ve had to delete on the picture of the vegan tattoo is f***ing disgusting,” she wrote.

“Who is anyone to take the p**s out of what someone chooses to eat, never mind their reasons or what they do to show theyre [sic] proud of it.
“So f***ing what if someone wants to get a vegan tattoo on their face. I nearly didnt [sic] do this tattoo because I knew the reaction it would get but I thought f**k what other people say, however I was correct and there have been people tagging their friends and having a good old laugh at the girl.”

alt Credit: Facebook/Jordan McCrea

Jordan went on to say that she is not vegan, and probably won’t ever be one, but she empathizes with Kate’s decision to defend what she believes in.

“She respected me and I showed her the same respect by doing the tattoo she really wanted and had done for a while, and making sure the whole process was vegan friendly, and listening to her talking about it,” the artist said. “Whos [sic] lives are really that boring that they poke fun of what people do with their lives or what they choose to put on their bodies. And that statement doesnt [sic] just apply to this situation.”

Of course, it’s totally up to an individual whether or not they want to get a tattoo like this. However, if Kate did this so that she would stop having to explain to people that she’s vegan, I think she might have overlooked one small thing; perhaps nobody will question her diet anymore, but they’ll certainly question her appearance.

Source: vt.co