No Pain, No Gain?
No Pain, Big Gains with Tai Chi

Most people are concerned as to whether a particular form of exercise is extremely exhausting or energy draining. Some older folks are even more concerned about how extensive and strenuous exercise can be and if they are able to handle such activity. For everybody’s information, not all exercises are centered on building muscles and weight lifting. There are gentler options like yoga or in this case, Tai Chi.

Tai Chi may not be popular to many but the big gains of this mind-body exercise are equally comparable to contemporary forms of exercise. As defined by various sources, Tai Chi is “meditation in motion” which is an integration of martial arts principles, traditional Chinese medicine, Eastern philosophies, and accompanied by deep breathing – all aimed at uniting the body and the mind. Employing fluid and graceful motions performed in a gentle, slow pace, and low impact manner, Tai Chi is very much suitable for older adults and any age group of any level of physical fitness. Yoga is different from Tai Chi. Although these two are both meditative in nature, yoga is composed of several physical postures and breathing practices. If you are interested in yoga, you may find valuable information in the Shapeshifter Yoga. On the other hand, Tai Chi’s movements are often circular, muscles are relaxed, and no full extension or stretching of joints and tissues are involved. There’s a smooth transition of each posture making sure that the body is in constant motion. This exercise does not also require any special equipment to be able to perform the Tai Chi moves.

Relating to the idea of yin and yang, the core benefits of Tai Chi include the following:

Improved flexibility and agility
Maintained balance
Greater muscle definition and strength
Enhanced aerobic capacity
Reduced stress and anxiety levels
Sharper mind and better mood

For Tai Chi beginners, you are expected to practice the rhythmic exercise at least twice a week for 12 weeks. If you want long-term effects, you may continue beyond twelve weeks. Begin with baby steps by taking things slowly without forcing yourself. Besides, the goal is to get yourself relaxed while performing the movements. During the learning curve, you may only spend 10-20 minutes each day trying to master a few postures first. A brief warm-up is also as important as the entire routine so be sure you never skip this portion. Another valuable advice from the experts is to wear comfortable and loose clothes to allow for non-restrictive movements. Overdressing is not appropriate for this task. Likewise, you will need non-slippery shoes with thin soles for you to feel the ground, at the same time providing ample support for your balance.

As an adjunct to primary medical treatments, Tai Chi is also called as your “medicine in motion”. It is specially recommended for preventive and rehabilitative aspects of disease management. Whether you take a shot at Tai Chi to treat symptoms or the illness itself, its objective is to generally improve body functions and quality of life.

The Wonder Oil: Oregano Oil and its Benefits

To my grandmother, oregano is a staple herb in the kitchen. Aside from the fragrant aroma it produces, this culinary spice has proved its versatility when it comes to bringing out flavor in meat dishes and pastas. If you aren’t impressed yet with what this herb can offer, let me introduce you to this so-called “wonder oil”.

This mildly bitter herb from the mint family has a very powerful oil which can be derived from the dried leaves and flowers of the wild oregano plant, Origanum vulgare. Oregano oil is by far the best all-around, natural supplement and the most therapeutically beneficial extract of oregano that boasts of its wide-reaching health advantages, such as:

Tough protection against harmful microorganisms
Oregano oil fights bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites. Due to its high carvacrol content, oregano oil is so potent in preventing illnesses caused by harmful pathogens. Carvacrol is believed to help pass through outer cell membranes to guard your immune system against invaders. It provides an added level of protection without destroying the good, normal flora in the gut. The essential oil has the ability to stimulate the production and boost the function of white blood cells.

Age-defying effects and longevity
Packed with anti-aging compounds, oregano oil helps defend you from the damages due to free radicals and oxidants. The natural phytochemical compounds known as phenols are primary responsible for the antioxidant effects of oregano oil. It helps slow down aging process, thereby reducing risks of acquiring certain ailments associated with premature aging.

Rich source of beneficial nutrients
Oregano oil provides sufficient sources of iron, calcium, vitamins A, C, E, magnesium, zinc, potassium, copper, manganese and niacin.

Aids in weight loss
The active ingredient contained in oregano oil assists in the modulation of genes and reduction of adipose tissues. Go all natural and shed unwanted body fats faster and easier by trying The Eat-Stop-Eat program.

Promotes digestion
As they say, good health starts with good digestion. Oregano oil gives you just that. It stops build-up of wastes in the colon by stimulating the bile flow for a more enhanced digestive function.

Menstrual aid
As an emmenagogue, the wonder oil acts as a natural remedy for uncomfortable effects of menopause. It also regulates menstruation among women. Because of the regulation of hormones, mood shifts and hot flushes are reduced.

Soothes inflammation
Due to its natural warmth, the oil of oregano relieves sore muscles, discomforts, backaches, and redness. Soothe topical pain with a mixture of oregano oil and olive oil applied directly onto the affected area.

Antiseptic cleanser
This oil has powerful uses in cleaning your homes by wiping and cleaning surfaces. You may also use it as a natural hand sanitizer to keep your hands soft and nourished. In addition, it may be used as homemade mouthwash. The thymol content of oregano oil helps clean teeth and combat mouth bacteria treating halitosis or bad breath.

Choose an organic oregano oil with at least 80% carvacrol content to maximize its potency and wide array of benefits. The surprising uses of the wonder oil can surely persuade you that it’s worth a try.